Monday, 15 October 2012


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day -Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper as the saying goes. It breaks the fast from the night, and gets your digestive system going again for the day.
I used to love eating pancakes with berries for breakfast. I'd make them with oat flour and almond or oat milk, and whisk up with an egg - simple . Spread butter on them, pile on a lots of berries, sprinkle on some cinnamon and a little maple or honey or agave syrup.
Oat flour is low GL, much lower than white, wheat flour which is really refined so this meal would last me the morning.
For the last few months since I've stopped eating sugar and anything my body turns to sugar I've not been able to eat pancakes. Huff!
The oat flour is out of bounds as is maple, agave and honey.
So I've been experimenting with other ingredients, lots have gone in the bin! They ended up as a 'mush' in the pan, or burnt too quickly or just didn't even make it further than the mixing bowl....
Having researched lots in recipe books and online (I'm grateful for the Internet Every day) I finally hit the jackpot this morning and after fiddling with a basic recipe have found one that works and I'm very happy with.
Almond flour is an ingredient I CAN eat, it's not available in the shops as far as I can tell but you can whizz up almond meal in a food processor to make it more fine- but you have to be careful not it over whizz or you'll get almond butter, which is nice but not what we want here! It is available on the Internet, even from places like Amazon, and it's organic too. It can be used just like normal flour, so great for cakes and buns too! Yippee!!!!
So this morning I've had blueberry pancakes , with butter and cinnamon. No sugar but I didn't even notice.
Chuffed to bits as they say in Yorkshire!!
If you'd like the recipe please message me.

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