Thursday, 25 October 2012

No Accounting For Taste

I've developed a little panel of people who are busy tasting my no sugar baking 'experiments'! I've become a 'treat fairy' around Wetherby, leaving paper plates with a variety of (what I think are) goodies on doorsteps as I'm passing.
John tries everything first but he's used to me and my eating and he now chooses to eat in a similar way. Took a while to get there but men are so pliable!!! That's a joke by the way, just in case he reads this... He's lost his sweet tooth to a large extent and really does enjoy virtually everything I make. Although one of department heads gives out chocolate as a reward for good work(that would so make me work harder, not!! ) and he does enjoy this!
What I've found from my panel is that the biggest successes have come from the food that tastes the sweetest or the richest in terms of flavour. Texture is a biggy ..... too lumpy, too soggy, too earthy ; Pete (chief taster)even described one of my earlier biscuit concoctions as only suitable for cattle feed and that was largely down to texture! I like him so I let him off.
Appearance is obviously a big deal too- colour can be very appealing or not, and appearance can also be very deceptive- chocolate treats can look heavenly but when it's 100% cocoa can taste very bitter and give the taste buds a shock.
Overall though, the recipes that John and I have really liked the look, texture ,and taste, of have been the most popular. Red velvet cake scored a whopping 9/10 (average), and the same for the chocolate tart. Pecan pieces and macaroons did similarly well, and date and cinnamon loaf was up there near the top. All good stuff.
And they haven't even tasted almond bread yet... delicious warm with butter(see photograph) . That was a real find for me because I hadn't had bread for months and did feel slightly deprived in that department.
So, today I'm creating a whole host of recipes to be let loose on a dozen people tomorrow at some friends get together..... hope they're open minded and haven't got too sweet a tooth!
Anyone who would like to join the tasting panel and lives locally, or works in an office and has a group who may be interested please do let me know.
Have a great Friday.... Honey meringues first up today.... Rx

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