Monday, 8 October 2012


Ok, so I went to see Emma last week and we discussed my progress. She did various tests and the up shot is I have to remain on my no sugar diet. I kind of knew that's what she was going to say so wasn't too disappointed. I had visions of being allowed the odd glass of champagne but it's not to be.... yet.
I know things are shifting in me,and it's going in the right direction,so I'm happy to continue with what has become more or less a way of life.
Yesterday was a tough one though; my sister and family were down from Scotland for the weekend and my mum cooked Sunday lunch. It's always a lavish affair when my mum entertains; she loves it and it shows!
I could eat the three different types of roast meat, and all the veggies. Just couldn't touch the Yorkshire puddings or the beautiful looking roast potatoes. Or more importantly the Christmas pudding and white sauce (yes I know it's October...) or the fruit crumble or the ice cream, or custard. Or the white or red wine, or the Baileys my mum was drinking during lunch ( this is not normal behaviour but she's moving house and 'using up' what she has in her cupboards!!! Logic in there somewhere!) Or the chocolates to go with coffee .... or the coffee for that matter.
The good news was that I didn't feel 'stuffed' and my sister described it afterwards when we took the kids to the park.
My health is more important than a moment of food on my lips. I know I'm going to crack this 'thing' and so am busy experimenting with lots of foods that I CAN eat, that benefit me, and my health, and are pushing me in the right direction.
For breakfast I played with the omlette concept. I love eggs, I love fluffing up the whites, and John makes the most beautiful savoury souffle omlette. So I tried one this morning with berries and coconut and cinnamon. Despite the kids asking what on earth I was eating for breakfast it was most enjoyable.
I'm calling it Breakfast Berry Souffle and it took minutes to make but was very satisfying . I ate it 3 hours ago and I'm not hungry yet...
Here's a pic for you- if you'd like to try it message me and I'll give the recipe out.
More soon..... Bye for now. Rx

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