Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day Forty Two - Completed!!!

Hey hey! Today is the last day of my six week no sugar challenge.
I've completed it by eating 95% guaranteed no sugar in my diet from processed food (none), alcohol (a sip of Petes mead), white flour (a bite of a piece of buttered toast) ,white pasta (none), white sugar (4 smarties!! And a few randoms ) ... But mainly ivevbeen eating clean foods; organic locally sourced meat, local and organic vegetables, where possible and berries and green apples. Coconut products have also featured heavily as have nuts and seeds. Xylitol has been included in some of my recipes as a sugar substitute but needs careful monitoring as because it's a sugar alcohol (it has a very low glycemic index compared to regular sugars) it can cause bloating.
I feel like rushing out and buying a very expensive bottle of pink fizz! However, need to hold my horses, as my mum would say, and wait for the go ahead from Emma, my digestive health guru. I have an appointment with her on the 4th October when she'll run some tests and she mentioned something about me fasting for twelve hours before. Oh joy!
The results will tell us whether the last six weeks have shown a positive result. Here's hoping and praying. It may be,however, that I have to continue for longer and do you know what, that's fine. I've got used to this way of life, it suits me.. Unless there's a chilled glass of Camel Valley Rose in front of me...
Today's food :
Breakfast: Protein shake
Snack: Cacao nibs and cashew nuts
Lunch: turkey and spinach in butter, with tomatoes and basil.
Snack: Impossible pie (very small piece)
Dinner: Bolognaise sauce and iceberg lettuce
Snack : Bite of Laurens chocolate lolly from M and S to celebrate the end of six weeks! Only one bite!
Day forty two down...... Six weeks completed!!!

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