Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Chatting to a friend yesterday about the best things you can do for your health starting tomorrow.Here's a really quick blog with my suggestions :


1.Sleep well, let your body rest and repair itself - go to bed between 10 - 10.30pm at least five nights a week.

2.Do three times high intensity workouts each week - no shirking, these need to be scheduled in to your working day as VERY IMPORTANT, CAN'T BE MISSED AT ANY COST.

3.Eat well, according to your Metabolic Type - read previous blog posts or contact me for further details. ruth.goodwin@balancedpt.co.uk.

4.To eat well, you need to PLAN well. Sit down at the weekend and plan a weeks worth of meals (sounds boring but try it for a week) and prepare meals in advance whenever possible. Don't rely on the works canteen or the local coffee shop, you'll deviate from your ideal food, it's guaranteed.

5.Keep moving on your 'rest' days - go for a brisk fifteen minute walk; keep active.

6.Get out in the fresh air every day, get some Vitamin D into your body. Best time to do this is between 11am and 2pm.

7.Keep a journal - see last weeks blog on journal writing. It'll help you stay on track.

8.Eliminate negative thoughts - if they pop into your head replace them with a positive one. this may take a while but is so worth it.

9.SMILE! See lovely poem from earlier blog. It works!

10. Take me on as YOUR Holistic Lifestyle Coach today - we'll see great results together.

TODAY'S TIP : Your health is of vital importance.Look after it.

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