Friday, 27 February 2009


Having said all that yesterday about diabetes, I realise that none of us are perfect and we all like the sweeter things in life every now and again. I'm not a saint either, and dark chocolate is my downfall - Green and Blacks, Seeds Of Change, you name it I looooooooooove it with a passion. But I limit it, and I try to eat it with protein so it doesn't spike my blood sugar and mess with my insulin levels.

Most of the time, I'm in control and this works.

What do you do if you fancy a dessert after a meal though? Can you still indulge in the odd sweet treat which somehow feels right after something savoury. I blame my mum, she is the most fabulous cook and always made us puddings at home, so now my subconcious says "ok where is it", as soon as I've had my main meal!

Most of the time I fight it and move swiftly on to other things, keeping myself busy enough to forget pudding. But on the odd occasion I let my mind win I have a couple of options that I consider well tasty, and sweet, but overall still healthy.

The first one is chocolate mousse.
A friend and I had fun making this the other night after dinner. All we had was a bar of Green and Blacks dark chocolate, 70% cocoa, and some eggs in the fridge(full fat organic double cream would have been lovely as we're both protein types but we didn't have any and the garage over the road only sold Elmlea - don't ever go down that route, it contains hydrogenated fat!)

So, we whisked up the egg whites, melted the chocolate and poured the egg yolks and the frothy stuff into the chocolate, mixed it about abit, put it into a dessert dish in the fridge to set. It was delicious, and the sugar limited. And no hydrogenated fats in sight. Hurray! Result. Have a look at all the ingredients contained in the chocolate mousses you can buy in the supermarkets - you can guarantee there'll be more than two and some of them will be non nutrient foods.

The higher the percentage of cocoa contained in the chocolate, the lower the sugar levels. Organic is worth buying to avoid any nasties!

Yesterday, I was home alone and knew I'd fancy something sweet after lunch, so I put a banana in the freezer (peeled in a bag) and left it for a couple of hours. When it was frozen I put it into my super duper juicer (every home should have one) along with some raspberries, some cinnamon, some coconut milk,and a spoonful of organic cocoa powder and whizzed it up for 30 seconds or so. Hey presto, home made (soft) ice cream that tasted delicious, and with no processed sugars in it.

Try it, make it up as you go along depending on what you've got in the fridge at the time, use other berries, mango, yoghurt, milk, vanilla extract, agave syrup etc.

Today's Tip : You don't have to feel deprived not eating junky CRAP foods, but rather delighted that your body is receiving the best you can give it.

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