Thursday, 26 February 2009


So diabetes has hit the headlines as an epidemic and a major resource drain to the NHS! Well, what a surprise on both counts!

Type 2 diabetes (or often called adult onset) is a relatively new disease - and guess what causes it? Poor diet and a lack of exercise resulting in the body becoming resistant to insulin, the substance that controls our blood sugar levels, and usually becoming overweight.

When you stuff your face with sugary foods/carbs your body struggles to deal with it effectively and long term diabetes can occur.

Apparently there has been a 74% rise in new cases over the last six years in this country, and surprise, surprise (sorry I have little patience with all of this!) 80% of Type 2 sufferers are OVERWEIGHT and so need help with weight management, nutritional and dietary advice, and exercise.

It's not rocket science how we got to this stage, or how this disease could be prevented and it's about time the government started a major programme into getting our food industry sorted out, especially as the NHS is struggling big time. The multi national food corporations making foods such as breakfast cereals (see earlier angry blog) are happy and able to promote their products as healthy and nutritious despite many of them being almost half full of nasty sugary substances which help cause diabetes in the first place.

If we didn't fill ourselves up on junk foods that consist of carbs = sugars then our blood sugar levels wouldn't be all over the place and insulin production/dispersion within our body's would be normal and (type 2)diabetes wouldn't occur.

The best way to prevent obesity, diabetes and other nasty and unnecessary illnesses is to eat a healthy diet focussing on LOW GLYCAEMIC INDEX foods. These are foods which will keep blood sugars stable and no surprise that most of these foods are the 'goodies' out there, such as unprocessed unrefined carbohydrates, pulses and fruit and vegetables. (Worth reading some of the stuff Patrick Holford writes on Low GL stuff - he has several books out on the subject. Google him for more info. He's a bit controversial at the minute but I like him. I've attended his weekend work shops and several seminars and learnt lots. The guy speaks sense, again it's not rocket science).

Metabolic Typing (see lots of earlier blogs or email me for more details) gives you a food list that is right for your type and if this is cross referenced with a low GL food listing then you're on to a winner.

Today's Tip : Look after your blood sugar starting today!

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