Wednesday, 11 February 2009


To keep you on track with your health and fitness and particularly your nutrition, (which as I've blogged about before gets you 80% of the way to health if it's right) it's well worth keeping a journal.

I went to Paperchase recently, sellers of the most beautiful writing pads and journals on the planet, and bought several. I figured if they're pretty and stylish and luxurious I'm more likely to want to keep writing in them than I would on a scabby bit of lined paper!

Anyway, since New Year I've been keeping up with all sorts about my life. I view everything I do as an experiment and so worth recording, from the food I eat, the liquids I consume, the exercise I do, the thoughts I have, (both positive and negative), my goals, and the good and bad stuff that happens to me.

If I have a bad day with my food and my digestive system reacts to it, if it's recorded I'm less likely to repeat the same mistakes - that's the theory and so far it's working.

We need to keep adjusting everything and changing the variables to get the outcome we want. And we'll all have bad days and good days to learn from but lets not beat ourselves up over a bad day - use it to learn from.

Apparently the definition of stupidity is to keep repeating things that give you a negative outcome. Makes sense!?

I read a lovely thing in a magazine article the other day suggesting we keep a 'Book Of Abundance' and in it write down all the good things that happen to you from chatting and laughing with a friend, to a man tipping his hat and saying Happy New Year (happened to me and it made my day!) When you're feeling down open it up and have a read. Life really isn't that bad is it?!

TODAY'S TIP : Try it.Write it all down. It works for me.

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Ian Mayhew said...

thanks ruth,
love this idea. been keeping notes/journals for many years. always like that idea that you should write down positive stuff aswell as challenges etc etc because when you look back it demonstrates that there were good times too.