Sunday, 22 February 2009

Totally Ridiculous Xercise

Chris says I'm a marketing mans dream (he is one, how funny!) and definitely thought so when I purchased a new exercise kit after seeing an advertisement and an article in a fitness magazine.

It's called the TRX System, and I bought it about eight months ago and I love it. It is totally awesome!!

TRX actually stands for Total Resistance Exercise, but it looks so bizarre that the other title somehow seems more apt. Anyway, I did wonder when I sent for it whether it was just the latest gimmick but as always wanting to keep up with whats 'hot' and do the best for my clients I needed to try it.

And after researching it found out that it is serious homegym equipment, and was developed by Navy Seals to train their recruits. It's now used by all kinds of people from trainers to serious athletes who wish you improve specifically for their specialised sport(climbers,golfers etc.). Alot of the gyms in America are also using the TRX for classes so anyone gets to have a go.

Basically it's a suspension training system that comprises very, very, very strong straps which are attached to either a strong door, a tree, goal posts etc.You hook your feet/hands depending on the exercise through the straps and create resistance.

You need a six feet wide, and eight foot long area to train - check this out first it's important. Oh and by the way, when using it on the back of the door it's wise to let other family members know! One of my kids opened the door when I was doing a set of push ups and nearly catapulted me through the window!

A twenty to thirty minute circuit programme will work all the muscles of the body and I will guarantee you'll be well sweaty and in desperate need of water by the end of it. It's challenging, it's tough and they're all multiplane exercises which use multiple muscles and joints simultaneously.

You control the resistance yourself and so the level of difficulty by simply shifting the position of your body so it really is suitable for everyone.

And it's so versatile, it packs up into a small bag, and off you go!

TODAY'S TIP : Don't get stuck in a rut, try something new today. Call me and I'll take you through a TRX workout. I guarantee you'll know you've worked out.

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