Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Day Eight - A Discovery!

Dreadful night last night, had lots of negative thoughts and couldn't shake them off! Don't know if that's anything to do with having no sugar or just one of those things? Ended up getting about 4 1/2 hours sleep.
Went for a brisk walk in the sun down to the harbour , and up to the coastal walk that overlooks the Camel Estuary. Felt better already!
Cycled the Camel Trail today with the kids; beautiful. The countryside here is just amazing, and the weather couldn't have been better.
Had a wander round Wadebridge after lunch and went to my favourite health food shop. To my delight found they had a dark 'chocolate' with no added sugar, only Xylitol ( a sugar substitute that doesn't spike blood sugar). I bought a bar after checking with Emma that I'm allowed it - she said YEAh!!!!!! But, only as a treat a couple of times a week and only a square at a time. So I had a square and sucked it until it disappeared. Tasted great, but the aftertaste wasn't so good. Actually don't think unwrapping a bar of chocolate was a good idea. Think I'm better just avoiding anything to do with it altogether, as now I want more.

Eating berries are enough of a sweet 'rush' for me now and I can eat as many as I like- a whole punnet of strawberries won't spike your blood sugar, at all. How cool is that? And I can have yoghurt(plain) and coconut milk and dairy cream, all of which go really well with berries. Happy with that!

I've definitely noticed that my tummy is flatter, and I have a lot less discomfort than I was getting. My skin is less dry but my moods are a little erratic. My nails have grown amazingly; they used to snap off when they got to a certain length and are way past that length already and feel so much stronger.

Today's food :
Breakfast : blackberry coulis, full fat probiotic yoghurt and mixed nuts and cinnamon. Aloe and lemon and water.
Lunch : ( in a restaurant - this took some doing!) Tiger prawn salad, with no dressing and no croutons- basically prawns with leaves and tomatoes. Lovely but I could have eaten it three times over!
Snack: After bike ride - three squares of Dark Xyltiol Sweetened Chocolate. Few macadamia nuts.
Dinner: chicken fajitas- without the tortillas!! So, I had chicken breast, avocado , tomatoes, onion.
I need to come up with some interesting recipes as I feel like I'm eating the same group of foods all the time.
Day 8 down! 34 days to go!

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