Friday, 24 August 2012

Day Ten- A Good Nights Sleep

Great nights sleep again last night, the sea air is literally wiping me out. As we get our physical repair sleep between 10.30pm - 2.30am it's a good thing. I'm usually a night owl but Emma's rules are that I have to be in bed for 10.30pm and wound down before hand. Chilling in the evening; unheard of! I'm normally rushing around doing a dozen jobs after the kids have gone to bed. This week I'm going to bed at the same time as them!
Sleep is also one of the ways to make carb cravings vanish or dissipate, according to Connie Bennett ( Beyond Sugar Shock).
Sleep deprived people are more likely to reach for 'quick fix' foods during the day to keep them going. Fizzy drinks, chocolate bars, sweets, cakes, bread products - all give you that blood sugar rush that will lift you temporarily. And I mean temporarily. When you eat foods with little or no nutrients in them it sends a signal to your body that you need to eat more. It's asking for something healthy, something it can utilise properly for energy.
That's why some people have the capacity to eat enormous amounts of CRAP foods ( caffeine, refined, alcohol , processed) and not feel full.
Ideal fuel for your body is food that will regulate blood sugar and sustain us throughout the day; keeping our minds and body's on an even keel.
That energy 'slump' in the middle of the afternoon can also more than likely be traced back to a poor food quality breakfast such as refined cereal, or white toast ( go back about eight hours if you feel this way, at any time of the day and check out what you ate).
Cutting out sugary, refined stuff and eating more dense proteins and complex carbs will regulate blood sugar; helping moods, energy, weight, stress, sleep and making you an all round nicer person to be around.
Over the next 6 weeks I'm looking forward to being that nicer person!! No refined anything for me!
My food today:
Breakfast: Local , grilled organic bacon. Local organic egg. Green leaves - lots of them. Aloe Vera gel and hot water and lemon.
Lunch: left overs from yesterday. Hummus, carrots, tomato, avocado.
Dinner : at St Petrocs, Padstow: Prawns in garlic and chilli to start. Followed by lemon sole grilled, with bearnaise sauce, green salad, and courgettes in garlic.
Dessert: strawberries and clotted cream ( I know, I'm not supposed to eat cream. That's the last time I promise! It was local Cornish clotted cream; gorgeous!)
Day ten down, 32 to go!!

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