Friday, 31 August 2012

Day Seventeen - Freshness

John and I have become super efficient at choosing and chopping fruit and vegetables, and daily visits to buy fresh produce is the norm. We're getting through so much fruit and veg I wish we grew our own. Unfortunately my fingers are decidedly not of the green variety. We're also including far more in the way of herbs to enhance flavour, as everything's being made entirely from scratch. Ninety nine per cent of bought sauces and pastes include hidden sugars so the use of them is prohibited for me. Herbs provide all of the flavour enhancement you need, along with garlic and ginger, to make a meal really tasty.
I love a really simple tomato salad drizzled with olive oil and basil, and coriander is my other favourite. I make a mean salsa!
I'm finding that I'm really properly tasting food at the moment, and being grateful for it. I've always eaten reasonably healthily but lapsed/got lazy every now and again. Now I'm refocusing on what's great for my mind and body and it's feeling really good!
Today's food:
Breakfast : Protein shake (Emma recommended) with frozen berries and fish oils added. Hot water. Chamomile tea.
Lunch : Tomato and basil salad, with iceberg lettuce. Avocado. Prawns in garlic and ginger. Hummus. (This was a prepared picnic eaten on a large rock at Brimham Rocks).
Followed by strawberries.
Sparkling mineral water.
Snack : Two squares of Xylitol sweetened dark chocolate.
Mineral water.
Dinner: Stir fried chicken in garlic, sesame oil and ginger with pak choi, courgette, spring onion and red onion, bean sprouts, and broccoli . Divine!!
Dessert : Melt In The Mouth - Chocolate Delight.
Peppermint tea x 3.
Total fruit and vegetables today : a whopping 13!!!!
Day seventeen down! 25 to go!

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