Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Day Seven - Into The Swing Of It!

Hey! Feeling great this morning ; lazy morning with the kids: tickling, juggling and skateboarding.
Honestly not craving sugar at all and know I can do the six weeks now no problem! That feels so good.I'm in charge of me and not any weird and wonderful cravings controlling what I do!
I have tried to do this in the past but obviously my mind wasn't in a strong enough place. Right now my world is great and I feel I can conquer anything, including a gut issue which has hampered me for years, and years.

I think a lot of food choices are connected to childhood memories. My mum, auntie and gran ALL made puddings and sweets. My sister and I used to walk to the village shop with 10p to buy 'penny sweets'. That was the purpose of the mile round trip! Not to get fresh air, or just a pleasurable walk through a delightful country village! So consequently sweet things became part of my diet.
I've never, ever had a weight problem though, so thought it was ok to eat lots of sugar.
I now know you can be slim and still be unhealthy. If the composition of your food groups is wrong, your body cannot function optimally. My eating habits, combined with a heavy use of steroids (for childhood eczema) resulted in gut, and in turn ,skin, issues. That's what I'm battling with now, aged 45.
If I can impress upon anyone reading this the importance of reducing their added sugar intake, I'll be happy. It's a potentially toxic substance , more so than fat, and is strongly related to our current health epedemics.
If you're on either oral or topical steroids please, please take extra care with your tummy. 70% of our immune system is housed inside our gut so treat it with the care and consideration it needs and deserves. In turn you will be rewarded. Check the side effects of your medication; do you need to take it every day, really? Is there an alternative?
Did you know the OTC laxative and antacid market in the UK is worth more than 182 million pounds a year!!!! And do you agree that if we all looked after our diets and lifestyles to a higher standard this market need not exist to anywhere near this extent?

We are what we eat; we are even more what we absorb. It seems to be of no consideration to most people that what they put into their mouths on a daily basis has a direct effect on their gut, and therefore their health.

So, if you're taking antacids as a matter of course, why not try changing your diet? If you need laxatives to make you visit the toilet every day, maybe increase your green veg and fibre intake as a starting measure, and reduce the refined stuff.
Sugar contains no nutrients, let alone fibre to help keep you regular.It's empty calories and in excess has to do more harm than good - by the way, alcohol is included here!
Your body treats alcohol as a sugar. It increases your blood sugar and your body will use it for energy before anything else. So if you're consuming a bottle of wine a day, your food is primarily being stored as ......FAT.
I know this is not what most people want to hear, sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Today I ate :
Breakfast : aloe Vera gel and hot water with lemon . Bacon and a whole bag of spinach.
Snack : Macadamia nuts
Lunch : Fresh roast turkey with avocado, and tomatoes
Snack: Macadamia nuts and pumpkin seeds, toasted. Gorgeous!!
Dinner : freshly caught lemon sole from Rick Steins fish and chip shop- grilled rather than battered, asparagus and green beans, and broccoli
Blueberries with cream and cinnamon.
Day seven down, 35 days to go!

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