Thursday, 30 August 2012

Day Fifteen - A Third Of The Way There!

Yeah! I'm just over a third of my way to my six week goal. I'm really getting into experimenting with food, particularly desserts and puddings, as I've said before I do have a sweet tooth. Probably the worst thing you can say to someone with a sweet tooth is that they must give up sugar! But, it is possible to eat healthily and still get the 'sweet' taste that most of the world crave!
I was asked today if I'd lost weight doing this eating plan- yes I have. I've lost four pounds which takes me back down to what I call my 'fighting weight'.I'm happy with this.
If you have excess weight to lose taking processed foods, alcohol and sugar out of your diet will release weight, guaranteed. Your body loses empty non nutrient foods so can concentrate on using nutrient rich foods as its fuel source instead. Try it for a week! I've also found that my nails have grown longer and stronger, and my skin feels more nourished. My moods are still a little irrational and my sleep patterns too but I'm sure this will even out given time. Emma says it's important to feel grounded to get good sleep. I'm a little hyper most of the time, so walking barefoot on the grass or sand is a great way to calm, soothe and ground me. I walked a long way on Filey beach and at Robin Hoods Bay today, both barefoot. It was bliss to paddle in the freezing water and feel the sand between my toes; here's to a great night sleep tonight!
My food intake today:
Berries with coconut flakes and a few nuts with peppermint tea(in the hotel).
Lunch: hummus with olive and tomato salad with peppermint tea(in a cafe at Robin Hoods Bay).
Snack: Coconut yoghurt with black currants, sprinkled with cinnamon (ordered from Goodness Direct, they make a great, creamy, tasty snack and are just sweetened with a little Xylitol- most yoghurts are just liquid candy! Check the sugar content!)
Dinner: Swordfish steak with home made ratatouille.
Dessert: Fake Key Lime Pie - John and I made this up! Very proud. It tasted so delicious I have to give you the recipe to try for yourselves.
Walnuts and brazil nuts, dessicated coconut.
Coconut oil and butter.
Creamed coconut
Fresh lime juice
Grated Xylitol chocolate to sprinkle on the top.

Put the nuts and coconut in a blender, and blend to a 'dough'.
Melt butter and coconut oil in a pan and add the nut mixture.
Press into an oven proof dish and bake for approx 15 minutes on 180 degrees to form a 'biscuit' base.
Blend the coconut cream, avocado, and lime juice until smooth.
When the base is cooled pour the topping over the base and leave to set in the fridge for a few hours.
Just before serving sprinkle grated chocolate over the top, and add a couple of slices of lime for decoration.

All of the ingredients in this pudding are from natural food sources and it contains no harmful non-nutrients. Eat it knowing your body and mind will thank you for it.
Day Fifteen down, 27 to go!

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