Friday, 17 August 2012

Scary Sugar Facts

Day three of absolutely no sugar, grains, or alcohol . I have to say I'm feeling it today. I woke up with a headache and had that spacey 'hungover' feeling- but without the pleasurable evening on the booze the night before! I've been told to expect to feel worse before feeling better, so I'm guessing that's what this is. I'm feeling sleepy too..... just want to lie down and snooze.
I decided to google some negative stuff on sugar to help keep me focused instead. Wow! Scary facts:
- there are 7 tsp of sugar in a can of cola(not that I've ever touched the stuff!)
- young adults drink an average of 6 cans of fizzy drinks a week!!
- the UK consumes around 2.25 million tonnes of the white stuff a year , about 3/4 of this is sold directly to industrial users such as manufacturers of soft drinks and confectionery
- each year British consumers munch their way through 10kg of chocolate per person!!! More than any other European country.
And I bet most people are blissfully unaware of all the health challenges too much sugar can produce.
My food intake today :
Breakfast: Aloe gel, and hot water with lemon. Mixed berries and Sheeps yoghurt with cinnamon, and almonds
Lunch: chicken breast, roasted with vine tomatoes, roasted with garlic, and spinach
Mid afternoon: mixed nuts, handful, few berries
Dinner: small steak fillet with asparagus,roast carrots and purple sprouting broccoli
Drinks : lots of water with lemon, peppermint tea, and sparkling water with lemon
Symptoms : tiredness, headache and itchy skin.
39 days to go!!

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