Saturday, 18 August 2012

Day Four: Holiday- No Ice Cream

Headache gone thankfully, and spacey feeling. Set off for Cornwall this morning for a week with the kids. Nat's really concerned that mummy won't be able to eat famous, fabulous,creamy and delicious Cornish ice cream. Told him I'll survive!!
I feel already that my gut is improving, it's much calmer and making me want to persevere. I grew up thinking it was normal to have tummy ache, so to eliminate it forever will be tremendous.
Yesterday I read in one of the CHEK health books that taking sugar out of the diet for someone with skin issues will improve the condition dramatically within 48 hours. Just thought I'd share that as I know eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne in particular are so common.
So,this week, away from home I'm going to be negotiating my way around restaurant menus which will be fun. My kids are used to me asking for "off menu" food to get what I want, so there will be more of that going on.
Packed liquids, and breakfast and lunch to eat in the car though, the more I'm in control the better!
A few more facts about sugar : we don't need added sugars (as oppose to natural sugars) to survive. Sugar provides no nutritional value other than calories. Soft drinks and other sugar sweetened drinks are the number one source of added sugars in the diet (as I quoted yesterday there are approx 6 teaspoons in each can)Source: American Heart Association.
Eating more than three teaspoons of refined sugars at a time "will throw your body out of balance, suppress your immune system, and attack your body like a foreign invader". Nancy Appleton, American Nutritionist. Wondering if that explains mood swings in many people?!
Today's food :
Breakfast : aloe gel, water with lemon. Sheeps yoghurt, macadamia nuts toasted with raspberry/strawberry purée and cinnamon (one of my fave flavours).
Lunch : large organic chicken leg,cherry tomatoes, spinach and home made guacamole (shop bought has prohibited ingredients but home made easy to do and more tasty)
Dinner : at The Rock Inn: struggled to find anything- the chilli had sugar in, the prawns were in tempura batter, and everything else came with heaps of carbs,or a glaze,or sauce. Ended up with scallops, and a big pile of green leaves with tomato and onion.
Pudding back at the rented house was raspberries, almonds and cream - yum!!
Feeling good but left it too late this afternoon and was starving by the time we ate this evening.
Day 4 down, 38 to go.

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