Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Day Fourteen - Preparation

To keep on track of my eating 'programme' I'm having to be well prepared, and that's the case with any 'diet' (don't like that word as it suggests denying yourself, and as soon as we deny ourselves we crave what we've taken out).
A trip to the coast today needed careful thought; we packed drinks and food so that I know what I'm eating. Tonight's meal will be in a restaurant so careful choice will be needed but lunch and snacks are catered for!
I'm missing Green and Black's Dark Chocolate big time but the Xylitol sweetened stuff is kind of doing it for me even though I can only have it occasionally as a treat (Emma's rules).
I'm reading an amazing book just now called Timeless Secrets Of Health and Rejuvenation by an American guy called Andreas Moritz. He talks about the benefits of Xylitol versus processed sugars "Xylitol is a sugar alternative that looks and tastes like real sugar but contains less than 40% of the calories. It does not rob the body's nutrients and energy resources. Xylitol contains calories but its slow release into the blood gives it a much lower glycemic index. If taken in moderation, Xylitol is unlikely to pose a problem".
This plant based sweetener is available in most supermarkets, and health food shops, and can be used in cooking and baking just like normal sugar. It adds a whole new dimension to the kitchen!
Xylitol is used in some chewing gums, making it more healthy for the teeth and gums. I discovered several brands of chocolate now use it too, available either from larger health food shops or on line. It tastes remarkably good too! More on healthy websites later.

Breakfast: Bacon and eggs , aloe Vera gel.
Lunch: Avacado, prawns in garlic with spinach, home made salsa, hummus.
Left over crumble and sheep's yoghurt
Snack : cashew nuts - sat in traffic on the A64!!
Dinner: At Desi Spice, Filey. Sea bass tikka with salad, chicken in coconut, ground almond and tomato sauce.
1 piece of mint chocolate (xylitol sweetened) with peppermint tea back at the hotel.
Fabulous day, fabulous company , fabulous weather and fabulous food. Smiling.
Fourteen days down, 28 days to go!

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