Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day Twelve- Experimenting

John and I had some fun in the kitchen today! I'm missing having desserts, other than berries, which seem to have become part of my staple diet (even though I love them to bits!). So we flicked through some recipe books and in the end made our own healthy version of *chocolate mousse. You may be put off by the list of ingredients, but honestly the overall look, taste and texture was spectacular, and really finished off the meal so well.
Coconut water
Macadamia nuts
Raw cacao powder
Coconut oil
Vanilla pod seeds
Blend them all together in a food processor, pour into a bowl and put in the fridge. Just before serving sprinkle with dessicated coconut and raw cacao nibs. Delicious! And NO sugar in sight; it's power packed with nutrients instead.

Today's Food :
Breakfast: protein shake
Lunch: lentil soup with egg mayonnaise and salad (at Fodder, Harrogate) . Very tasty!
Dinner: Chicken casserole (again home made by John).
Dessert: *Chocolate mousse, with dedicated coconut and cocoa nibs.
Day twelve down and 30 to go!

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