Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Day Thirteen -

John and I are having so much fun experimenting with food just now. He's being so supportive, and virtually following the same eating plan as me apart from the odd glass of red wine, and a bit of bread.
We'd planned to spring clean the house and I knew he was less than inspired at the thought, but did put one hundred percent effort into our dietary requirements!
Breakfast had become a little predictable for me, either bacon and eggs or berries and yoghurt. So today John made tortilla - with tomato,spinach ,bacon and red onion - amazing!! So tasty and set me up for the spring clean!

I had a protein shake mid morning, and was so busy on my mission at lunchtime, and John had fallen asleep (to get out of helping me!) that I skipped eating.Bad, bad move - my blood sugar had dropped so low by dinner at 7pm that I was physically shaking, and shovelled food in as quickly as possible. It was delicious!
I'd asked John to replicate a dish I used to eat in the Flying Pizza years ago and what he made was equally as good:

Food :
Breakfast : egg,spinach,tomato tortilla
Mid morning snack : protein shake
Dinner: cod in tomato and garlic sauce with buttered asparagus, and mange tout.
Snack: chocolate covered cashew and pine nuts (Xylitol sweetened chocolate- no processed sugar to alter blood sugar)

Dessert: home made (this was a joint effort) mixed berry crumble with a blob of sheep's yoghurt.
Ingredients: dessicated coconut, pumpkin seeds, ground almonds rubbed into soft butter to make the 'crumble'. Sprinkled over mixed berries and baked.

Day thirteen done, 29 days to go!

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