Friday, 17 August 2012

Day Two : Chocolate Cake

Last night I was irritable, most definitely due to a lack of the sweet stuff; thank goodness John is so laid back he's falling over!
Better this morning. My day started with a glass of aloe Vera gel, followed by a large mug of hot water with lemon. Aloe soothes the gut with its anti inflammatory properties, amongst others, and the lemon water kick starts the digestion after its night fast.
My digestive specialist, Emma Lane (I'm not worthy!) works to CHEK principles and is totally holistic in her approach. I am CHEK trained by her to a more basic level. She had debilitating illnesses and the CHEK institute in California got her back fighting fit, and she now has a long waiting list of people all over the country, with gut issues, whom she helps from her Wakefield and Harley Street Practices. She's advised various natural supplements to add to my diet which I'll cover in more detail later- suffice to say I have a 'protocol' to follow!
A visit to my cousin Ali, and her new baby, Noah, proved challenging today in that my auntie had made the most enormous chocolate cake covered entirely with Maltesers, for visitors.
I grew up in a family who always ate puddings, sweets between meals (or 'kets' as they called them in the North East) and cake at any and every celebration.
As an adult, and having trained in health, fitness and nutrition I understand the toxic nature of sugar on the body - however, as we all know old habits die hard, and although I moved onto dark chocolate ( full of flavonoids) and less than daily puddings, cake, and alcohol, my body is wondering what's going on!
Grains, most fruits, some dairy, and some vegetables are seen by the body as a type of sugar therefore they're out for the next six weeks too.
What can I eat you may ask?!?!?!
Well, lots and lots of green vegetables , nuts and seeds,organic meats, coconut
, fish and shellfish, eggs, carrots, onions, avacado, tomatoes, berries and green apples, good oils such as avacado and coconut. A caveman diet! Nothing from all of those middle aisles in the supermarket; the packets with a list of ingredients that are unpronounceable, but most definitely include less than natural substances designed to entice us into believing they will a) do us good, b) add fibre to our diet, c) fortify us with vitamins and minerals, d) increase energy levels, e) boost our health, f) help us lose weight because they're low in fat , and many other claims made in advertisements.
So today I ate :
Breakfast: two poached eggs and a packet of spinach.
Lunch : hummus, carrots and salsa left from last night. Coconut flakes, toasted.
Dinner: poached salmon, broccoli, green beans, and asparagus with butter.
Mixed nuts in the cinema- whilst others tucked into vats of Diet Pepsi and enormously unnecessary tubs of popcorn.
Feeling virtuous! Forty days to go. Rx

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