Saturday, 1 September 2012

Day Eighteen - Hydration

Just realised over the last few days I've been feeling really thirsty, and it's definitely not from too much salt in my diet ! Lol! I think I've been so focused on my food I've been neglecting my liquid intake.
I love peppermint tea so much I could have it intravenously and my body prefers warm drinks to cold, so if I don't have a kettle or flask near by I have a tendency not to get enough fluids in (apart from during and after exercising). I'm blogging about it as a reminder to me but also to you guys- getting water on board and in sufficient quantities is vital . If we don't our body's cant function properly and it can lead to all sorts of malfunctions; the most common for me are headaches and constipation, neither of which I want thank you very much.
So, as awareness is the first step for change, here goes...tomorrow I'll be taking a litre bottle of water out and about with me, alongside my hot herbal teas. Easy to gauge how much you have if you take it with you.
Today's food:
Breakfast: Emma's protein shake with blueberries and oils. Peppermint tea. Aloe Vera gel.
Snack: Mixed nuts. Chamomile tea.
Lunch: Thinly sliced turkey with loads of tomatoes, olive oil and basil. Green tea.
Mid afternoon: Two cups of peppermint tea, small piece of leftover Fake key lime pie.
Dinner : Coq au vin at my mums : delicious! With broccoli and carrots.Water.
Dessert : Blueberries and strawberries whilst everyone else tucked into lemon pudding/impossible pie/ice cream/Celebrations chocolates. Ooh do I feel virtuous! Peppermint tea.
Feel asleep at 9.30pm with Nat!
Day Eighteen down, 24 to go!

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