Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day Forty -Hungover!

Most bizarre, I woke up this morning with what felt very much like a hangover; after drinking five glasses of sparkling mineral water with pieces of lime in them. How does that happen then?
I did stay up until 1 o'clock so am beginning to wonder whether its a myth that alcohol gives you a hangover and actually its just lack of sleep, as they tend to go hand in hand!
Anyway, spent most of the day feeling a little vacant and I have to say because of the way I was feeling I craved comfort food: carbohydrates. I had to work very hard indeed to stay away, and did succumb to a tiny piece of white bread smothered in butter, and it was yum!
Not pleased with myself but am not going to lose any sleep over it at this stage in the game.
Move forward!
Today's food:
Breakfast: poached eggs, sausage and tomatoes
Lunch: Yoghurt with berries and nuts (I was doing an event and wasn't very organised)
Mid afternoon: Sliced ham, hummus and salad.
Dinner: chicken and spinach curry
Dessert: Home made chocolate mousse
Drinks: lots of peppermint tea, lots and lots.

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