Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Day Thirty Four - Pill Popping

I get the occasional headache, and if its bad enough and I know why I've got it then I may pop a couple of headache tablets; this is very seldom - probably just half a dozen times a year.
On the radio and in the newspapers today its being reported by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) that over 10 million people take painkillers (such as aspirin, paracetamol, and triptans) on a daily basis, and most of them for headaches. We seem to have become a nation requiring a 'quick fix' for everything and this includes our health.
Headaches are there for a reason - the headache itself is a symptom and there is always a cause. In my experience, and through my health related courses the most usual cause is linked to diet; food and drink, frequency of eating, quantities, type of food, amount of drink, and also sleep deprivation or broken sleep, and stress or anxiety. To pop a couple of pills will not eradicate the cause it will merely mask the symptoms for a couple of hours. Your brain is fooled into thinking all is well. It is not, unless it's a very temporary condition for example a hangover (which by the way is caused primarily by dehydration).
If you read the side effects for headache tablets the number one is usually headaches- most bizarre! No wonder people are needing to take them every day.
Headache tablets are made up primarily of chemicals that our livers have to de-tox. A build up over months and years can cause havoc inside us but a simple pain killer is very rarely 'blamed'. I'm really pleased that our attention has been brought to how dangerous these 'over the counter ' products can be. Maybe now we can all start to clean up our diets and lifestyles with a view to supporting our health naturally and not popping a pill to get us through the day.

Today's food : Cashew nut cream, raspberries and mixed nuts and cinnamon. Aloe Vera gel and hot water.
Snack: Spelt crackers with hummus and rocket leaves. Blackberries
Lunch: Peppermint tea. Turkey slices, beef tomatoes and lots of fresh basil.
Snack: Bits of baking!! peppermint tea.
Dinner: Vegetarian chilli with iceberg lettuce. Fizzy water and lime.
Dessert: Apple and cinnamon cake.

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