Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Day Twenty Three - Whoops

Hurray! My blogger app is working again. Don't know what happened there but the screen froze for some reason.
Anyway, I'm still on the programme!
Had a bit of a challenge today though, and blew it but very temporarily. The kids had a tiny Smartie cake between them after tea (dad bought it, not me) and I cleared the plate away. There were four tiny smarties left on the plate... And I ate them.... Without even thinking about it. And then felt hugely guilty to the point where I wanted to cry. I'm self critical at the best of times and gave myself a real telling off. Have I ruined the whole six weeks, will I have to start again from scratch or will the minimal amount of sugar that I consumed mean if I just get back on the programme all will be ok?
In the end I resorted to reading a chapter of Beyond Sugar Shock by Connie Bennett (who I've quoted before) and she maintains we need to "give ourselves compassion no matter what". We human beings are not perfect. Slips ups are normal,and most people will slip up at some point when
on such a strict programme. Phew! That made me feel a bit better.
Connie says that " self compassion is so critical to your success that from now on, you want to spend a few minutes every day giving it to yourself".
And this is how (again taken from Beyond Sugar Shock) :
- Give yourself some TLC
- Hug yourself
- Accept that everyone makes mistakes
-Silently reassure yourself
-Act like a compassionate figure or someone who loves you
-Do tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique
-Play a favourite soothing tune
And any other ways you can think of, just don't beat yourself up too much.
I immediately got back on my programme and planned my food carefully for the next few days. I realised that when I ate the Smarties I did it almost subconsciously - it wasn't a calculated decision; I realised too late that I'd just popped them in my mouth. How many times do people do this with CRAP food? An extra biscuit, another glass of wine, another piece of chocolate. That's why planning and keeping a record is so key to sticking (in the main) to a programme. It reduces, if not stops (mostly!!!!) this happening because you become more aware of what you're doing.
Today's food :
Breakfast : Aloe Vera. Bacon and iceberg lettuce. Hot water and lemon
Lunch: poached salmon and salad - love this! It's such 'clean' food.
Snack : Strawberries, coconut cream and dessicated coconut with cinnamon.
Dinner: BBQ chicken and steak with salad sitting in the evening sun. Fizzy water.
Peppermint tea during the day and lots of it.
Day twenty three down, nineteen to go!!

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