Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day Thirty Eight - The Pooh Train

Ok, so todays blog is on a subject most people will find pretty revolting, but its one of my fave subjects! Ha ha! : bowel habits.
Us English people tend to be a little prudish where such subjects are concerned, however as we all pooh and all have to pooh to be fully functioning human beings it's not a subject I shy away from.
On my CHEK health course I learnt about the 'Pooh Train' and how each time we eat a meal (ie three times a day) our digestive system is stimulated and a bowel movement should be activated. This is if all is in order!
Babies are a great example of this. I remember when I breast fed my three, (they'll love to read this!) , after each feed they would produce a dirty nappy. That's a great sign that good digestion is taking place.
However, as we get older this can go slightly, or very much awray .
Things like being busy, eating the wrong food, drinking too much alcohol, too much coffee, smoking, lack of exercise, and suppressing the urge to go to the toilet, can all interfere with our 'regularity ' in this area. It can also be down to social conditioning. My dad was telling me last night that Indian women are only 'allowed' to pooh at night! So I guess their bodies have to get used to that.
If we regularly suppress the urge we can become constipated. Lack of fibre and water in the diet can also lead to a sluggish bowel and constipation. This is why the over the counter market for constipation remedies is worth millions and millions of pounds a year. However, the body soon becomes reliant on the medication and won't work naturally without them. I know because I've been there, and had to wean myself off them and re-educate my bowel to work on its own.
Constipation can also result in skin issues; eczema, psoriasis and acne can all be made worse by a sluggish digestive system, holding onto toxins inside. Yuck, not great when you think about it is it?
So top tips to get your 'pooh train' on the right track :
Drink several litres of pure water each day.
Eat good quality fibre from low glycemic carbohydrates and lots of fibrous vegetables.
Keep processed white flour to a minimum.
Keep processed sugars to a minimum.
Allow yourself time after each meal to go to the toilet ( or whenever you get the urge).
Don't suppress the urge - ever.
Dont rely on OTC medication. Ultimately it will not serve you.
Get adequate sleep, and rest.
Exercise regularly, even if it's just a brisk walk a day.
Keep stress levels down. This can result is a 'distressed' digestive system.
I came across a great video on YouTube the other day, by a guy called CainCarroll. Google him. He does yoga to improve the digestive system and demonstrates positions such as 'thunderbolt' and a deep squat that can help a sluggish bowel. Amazing and very effective. The natural way is always preferable to medication.
Today's food:
Steak with courgettes in tempura batter and asparagus - yum dum dammer!
Day thirty eight down, four to go!

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