Thursday, 13 September 2012

Day Twenty Five - Immune System

Wow I can't believe I'm on day twenty five already. Could really do with a glass of champagne! Ha ha only joking, I'm doing just fine without alcohol. I'd rather have a bar of Green and Blacks!
I've just realised today that I've not had a headache since I started this eating plan, my bloated tummy is way better, my nails are long for the first time in ages, my hair is fab and the skin on my face looks 'fresh' ( well as much as it can at 45! Lol!) . I'm eventually sleeping better. I go to bed at 10.30pm and used to work frequently up until midnight, and my energy is constant throughout the day.
I know I'm absorbing my food better and as the saying goes "we are what we absorb", not just what we eat.
We hold over 70% of our immune systems in our gut so the food we put into it can make or break our resistance to niggly health problems and dis-ease. If we constantly bombard our gut with CRAP food, little health issues will occur ; these could be anything from the following list, and they make up why so much money is spent on over-the-counter medication. If this continues the little health issues can develop into full blown disease. Toxic symptoms: headaches, migraines, joint pain, acne, dry skin, fatigue, mood swings, anger, irritability, bad breath, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, sweating, food bingeing , heart burn, indigestion, athletes foot, jock itch, broken sleep, shortness of breath, lack of motivation... and I could go on.Some of these symptoms can be down to other causes but by changing your diet to a clean food/drink one, can eliminate many, many of these symptoms without the need to pop over the counter pills every day.
How much is your health worth to you? It is beginning to become apparent that, as a nation, we are finally coming around to the fact that if we don't have out health we don't have anything. How can we lead long happy independent lives if we are constantly challenged by health issues? and popping pills is not the answer; they can give long term side effects (as I experienced with steroids) which are totally avoidable.
How about investing in your health from today and see how different you feel?
Today's food :
Coconut yoghurt, strawberries, dessicated coconut and cinnamon. Aloe Vera gel, hot water with lemon.
Lunch : chicken and salad, home made.
Peppermint tea
Snack: apple slices with hazelnut butter.
Dinner: pork chop with onions, green beans, broccoli in sesame oil.
Dessert: strawberries in coconut cream with berries.
Fizzy water with lime.
Day twenty five down, seventeen to go!!

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