Monday, 3 September 2012

Day Nineteen - Thank you

I'm delighted that my blog is creating so much positive interest. Thanks for all your messages and feedback. I'm almost half way there - although I have more tests at the end of six weeks to see if it's been successful. My gut feels better and my skin is showing signs of improvement. Nothing done naturally is ever a quick fix, not like chemical medicines that sometimes just push the symptoms down or away from the surface temporarily. Emma did warn me to be patient, and I have to say its not one of my strong points!
But I've surprised myself with my will power and am loving looking at food in a different way. What I'm eating is giving me sustained energy and not a quick burst like a lot of processed foods do. Sugary foods will always spike blood sugar, and give a temporary 'lift' but the reason we often reach for more quite quickly is because your blood sugar will drop again rapidly.
Alcohol and white flour products,that are heavily refined,will do just the same. It quickly becomes a vicious cycle of 'topping up' rather than using real food that your body will recognise as good food and thank you for, by being satisfied for longer.
Today's food:
Breakfast: protein shake (Emma's recommendation ) with blueberries.
Lunch : Thai fish cakes left over from
Last night, with basil and tomato salad with olive oil. Water.
Dessert: Possible Pie with blackberries. My mum makes a sweet called Impossible Pie; coconuts , eggs, sugar etc and it separates as it cooks and ends up in layers. I adapted the recipe and used coconut flour, coconut milk and xylitol instead of the traditional ingredients to see what would happen. The result was that it didn't separate but it tastes delicious! So I named it Possible Pie.
Snack: Mixed nuts and peppermint tea.
Litre of cold water this afternoon in the sun!
Dinner: White fish (from M and S, can't remember the name but it began with a p) Thai butter, and asparagus and oak choi. Delicious . Sparkling mineral water with lime.
Tonight we attempted to make a chocolate biscuit recipe. It was an interesting experiment ; John loved the cookie dough before it was cooked, my kids didn't like it at all, and I liked the end result but they are extremely rich. Recipe to follow at a later date.
Day Nineteen down! 23 days to go!

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