Monday, 17 September 2012

Day Thirty - Booze

Wow I can't believe I've done almost thirty days without sugar in my diet. I'm really proud of myself and actually feel that I could quite easily make it a way of life; apart from the occasional glass of quality pink champagne!!
I went out for dinner this evening with a group of girlies; all drinking apart from me (great free taxi home I was!!). This is the first time since starting my diet that I've been out with a crowd who have been drinking. John in the main has been abstaining, to support me, and lose weight himself.
Anyway, I was strong, and to be honest not even tempted to indulge in even a glass. We ended up having a conversation about hangovers and how sulphites(preservatives) in wines are what causes them primarily. That was why a few years ago I started drinking pink champagne, good quality ones at that. They are made using 'turning' methods that create the bubbles and nothing is added. So clear head in the morning! It's also possible to buy organic wines that don't include sulphites (plenty of sites on the Internet).
Holidaying in France is great for hangover free wine, as John and I discovered last year. The local rose was €1.5 a litre, and had no additives! So we had a week drinking with no hangovers in sight.
Todays food :
Breakfast : Protein shake, Aloe Vera gel. Peppermint tea.
Lunch : Sausage casserole. Peppermint and green tea.
Snack: Nuts and blueberries.
Dinner: (Saint Angelo) Garlic chicken with green beans and peas.
Fizzy water, and lime.
Day thirty down, twelve to go!!

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