Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Day Twenty Four - Protein

Yesterday I ate bacon (organic), salmon, chicken and steak . Wow that sounds like a lot of protein and certainly way more than I'm used to eating. But you know what I actually feel better for it. It's all top quality stuff; organic and local where possible.
Protein is so necessary for the body to function properly. It's needed for brain function, muscles and tissue to repair, build and maintain, and it keeps the blood sugar stable so you feel fuller for longer (to name but a few).That's the biggest bonus in terms of how you can stick to an eating plan. When we overload with carbs we get a quick rise in blood sugar, an instant 'energy release feeling' but with refined carbs this rise quickly drops leaving you wanting more to get that 'feeling' again. The body is never fully satisfied with a diet heavy in refined carbs; it's always wanting more and more and more.... and we miss out on the good stuff that we need.
Carbohydrates obviously have their place, and are one of the major fuel groups allowing the body energy but it's easy to get hooked on the wrong types. The best ones for slower energy relates (low GL) are : whole grain rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat/seeded breads, sweet potatoes instead of white potatoes, basically avoid the white refined stuff unless it's in the 20% of your diet. I always suggest to clients that if they feel the need to eat refined carbs that they do it immediately after a heavy workout. Blood sugar is low here so you can get away with eating something that will offer quick energy. However within 45 minutes of exercising protein needs to consumed as well for recovery.
Today's food :
Breakfast: Aloe Vera gel. Hot water with lemon. Protein shake. Sausages with tomato and greens.
Lunch : Poached salmon and a mixed salad. Peppermint and green tea.
Strawberries and coconut.
Snack: Cashew nuts and cacao nibs.
Dinner: Roast chicken with green beans, broccoli and carrots. Fizzy mineral water with a piece of lime.
Day Twenty four down! Twenty to go!

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