Thursday, 20 September 2012

Day Thirty Five- What Are You Made Up Of?

Most people eat sugar and processed food as part of their daily diet without thinking twice about it, and certainly without thinking what its doing inside of them.
We really are what we eat, to borrow Gillian Mckeiths famous line (slightly annoying woman!?) but to be even more specific we are what we absorb. And if that's sugar, white flour, and alcohol most of the time we're heading for health problems. Not today, not the next day necessarily but some time in the future.
Small symptoms will start to appear- a runny nose, regular acid reflux, sinus problems, migraines,headaches, slight nausea, aches and pains, constipation, diarrohea, IBS, and many, many more that we spend a fortune on over the counter remedies for. That quick fix just suppresses the symptoms but the cause is being largely ignored.
The cause is usually what is being put into our digestive symptoms where we hold most of our immune systems.
How about this little exercise- go to your cupboards and your fridge and check out what your food is made up of. Separate the sugary, starchy, processed, alcoholic products from the wholesome clean foods and look at the proportion. For a healthy diet 80/20% in favour of the latter is where we need to be. If yours is the other way round.... the bin is usually in the corner of the kitchen.....
It's always possible to improve on where we are currently by making small
changes- not buying multiple packs of crisps, cutting down on packet biscuits( how about making your own), swapping white pasta for whole wheat or spelt, trying whole wheat and seeded breads and crackers instead of the white bleached processed flour variety. How about a small change each week or month until its a habit.
Today's food:
Breakfast: poached egg spinach and spelt toast and butter
Lunch: vegetable chilli
Snack: blackberry and apple cake
Dinner: vegetable chilli and chicken
Snacks: cacao nibs with cashew nuts
And spelt cracker with cashew nut butter
Peppermint tea/ fizzy water/coconut water/aloe Vera gel .
Day thirty five down, 7 days to go!

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