Monday, 17 September 2012

Day Thirty Two - Listen To Your Body

I'm not boasting but I've always been pretty intuitive, it's just something that's in me. I get a strong sense about something and will always go with my gut instinct - it serves me well. This applies to how I'm feeling in my mind and body too, and how I knew something was out of kilter inside.
It's important not to ignore signs that your body gives you. Many people suffer from niggly health problems for years and years and pop pain killers to sort them, or rub some prescribed cream on, rather than getting to the bottom of what the real issue is. I've done this too, and ultimately it is never a good thing.
"Ignoring the natural messages of the body lies at the basis of most illnesses today", says Andreas Moritz, an Amercian Heath guru whose book, Timeless Secrets Of Health and Rejuvenation, makes The most fascinating read/reference book. It can be anything from ignoring signs to go to the toilet ( which if done frequently enough can result in chronic constipation) to eating when your body is telling you it's not hungry. Andreas says that "ignoring the body's basic instincts means the mind will look for substitutes, which causes (legitimate) cravings for or addictions to foods, beverages, stimulants, sex etc. By giving a little extra attention to your body, it will soon tell you the difference between a balanced and an unbalanced influence or message".
So try listening to your body today instead of just doing what you've always done, it will pay you back in kind.
Today's food:
Breakfast : Spelt and linseed bread with butter, poached egg and spinach. Divine! Protein shake with cinnamon.
Peppermint tea.
Snack: No sugar home made chocolate mousse with blueberries.
Lunch: Left over poached salmon and veggies. Peppermint tea.
Dinner: Stir fried chicken with pak choi, onions, broccoli and green beans with a nut butter 'satay' sauce (I can't eat peanuts).
Day thirty two down! Ten to go!!

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