Thursday, 13 September 2012

Day Twenty Eight - Physio

Just had a great session with a Physio who was recommended by Emma to take a look what's going on with me. I've been a personal trainer for approx six years now and always kept fit and healthy. But for the past two years or more I've had a niggly 'thing' going on in my left hip. It comes and goes, sometimes really painful, sometimes not at all, other times it affects down my leg when I'm driving and into my back at other times. It's been so bad at times that I went privately and had a laparoscopy and a bowel check done to rule out anything sinister. All came back clear. I've had massage, Physio, acupuncture and it relieved it for a while, but didn't totally eliminate it.
I had thought it was connected to my tummy and what's been going on there, and Emma confirmed my suspicion by sending me to this Physio who specialises in visceral work.
Turns out she's been working with Jess Ennis through the Olympics and for the best part of eight years, so I'm in good company.
She manipulated me and reported her findings: my left kidney (the side I feel the hip 'thing') doesn't move at all, and they should both move to a certain extent when we breathe etc. Likewise with my uterus, and the left side of my head and neck is not as it should be either. So, she did some exercises with me, manipulated me, got me to do some breathing .... And my tummy started rumbling; a good sign. This took an hour and already I feel much better in the way my hip is moving. She said this could have been caused by childbirth/an exploratory operation where they pump you full of air, past trauma, car accident etc. but is sure it will be cleared completely in a few sessions. Yeah! Happy with that!
She also said it will help my intestines to operate more optimally, and that was the best news for me because it fits with everything Emma is doing with me.
I so love complementary therapies, and how they can work together holistically. I've never popped pain killers for anything, as it just lulls you into thinking everything's ok when actually its still going on you just can't feel it.
I even opted to have my three children without ANY pain relief because I believed my body was made for child birth and it would know what to do without medical intervention; I was right. Yes, it was painful but not unbearably so and soon forgotten about when baby is born (obviously some people have no choice and this is where for me conventional 'medicine' comes into its own).
Today's food:
Breakfast: Emma's protein shake
Aloe Vera gel, hot water with lemon.
Coconut pieces with strawberries, cinnamon and coconut cream.
Peppermint tea
Lunch : Left over Bolognaise sauce with ice berg lettuce.
Snack: green apple with hazelnut butter
Dinner: Sausage casserole - home made with courgette, onion, garlic, tomatoes, spinach, green beans and 100% organic meat sausages. Yum.
Day twenty eight down. Fourteen to go!!

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