Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Day Thirty Three- Baking

I've totally revived my interest in baking with this six week health challenge diet. Believe it or not I used to make children's birthday cakes as a bit of a paid hobby. I can't begin to imagine how much white flour and sugar I used in all the cakes, let alone the buttercream and ready rolled icing. Luckily the children only ever ate a small piece each (I hope).
I remember making a Batman cake; it was in the deep Batman blue colour, and the mum who ordered it rang to tell me that all the kids at the party were doing blue poohs for days after eating it! Whoops- not good!
My baking now consists of very little refined ingredients full stop. I'm loving concoctions including avocado (makes a great cream substitute), coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut flour, coconut cream and the dessicated variety too(what a super food; and its lauric acid content means the fat is good for you and your body will use it rapidly for energy), nuts and seeds, 100% cocoa chocolate, spelt flour, berries, limes, apples, lemons, xylitol, cacao powder, cinnamon.... I could go on. Who needs white, wheat flour and granulated, refined, no nutrient sugar.
My No Sugar Dessert Recipe Book is coming along nicely.
I have had a few 'epic fails' (my kids words) but apparently every successful person has failed lots to get there. Although John seems to genuinely like everything I concoct! And tested a few out on my mate Pete the other day and he was, in the main quite complementary, especially about the apple and cinnamon cake. I'll keep experimenting! Any ideas please message me.
Today's Food:
Spelt toast with butter and avacado.
Protein shake . Aloe Vera. Hot water with lemon.
Snack: 100% cocoa chocolate
Lunch : Chicken stir fry. Peppermint tea.
Tea: Bolognaise sauce with iceberg lettuce straight from the fridge. This is seriously my favourite tea!!
Dessert: Bits of my baking today!
Day thirty three down! Nine days to go!

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