Friday, 7 September 2012

Day Twenty Two- Exercise

I've been a big follower of a great fitness guru called Craig Ballantyne for years now.Not sure how I first came across him but he tells it like it is where exercise and diet are concerned; I've taken his advice a lot over the years. One of his biggest covered subjects is that you can't 'Out Cardio A Bad Diet' - meaning that all the exercise in the world will not get you ripped/fit/toned/healthy if your diet is made up of CRAP foods (caffeine, refined, alcohol and processed). Since qualifying as a personal
trainer I've given this advice to clients and coach them to use the 80/20 rule. That is eating well for 80% of the time, means your body is able to handle other 'stuff' the rest of the time. You can have a 'cheat day' a week if this works for you, or you can just have the odd 'treat' during the week to suit. If you're continually eating from the CRAP foods list though, however many times you visit the gym, go for a run etc.. You'll never get a fit and healthy body.
On my No Sugar diet however I'm not even allowed the usual treat foods as they will undoubtedly contain sugar, refined carbs or alcohol. That's why I've been inventing my own sweets, that taste great and it is a treat to eat them but they don't contain any rubbish. It can be done!! Message me if you'd like help cleaning up your diet. It's so easy to get into bad habits, but good habits are not so hard to get into either, and it takes 28 days to create one.. So what are you waiting for?
Breakfast: mixed berries with nuts. Water with lemon.
Lunch :Spaghetti Bolognaise sauce with iceberg lettuce. I love this combination and it's packed full of veggies and top quality grass fed organic beef.
Tea:Salmon tikka with salad, followed by chicken shashlik, lots of onions, tomatoes. Sparkling water with a piece of lime x 2.
Piece of home made chocolate and apple cake- so yummy and the apples make it really moist.
Day twenty to down- twenty to go!

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