Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Day Thirty Nine- No Alcohol

John is excited! He's largely been following the same 'diet' as me and whilst he's lost a lot of weight he's looking forward to a 'night off'. We're going to a wedding reception this evening and beer is calling; loudly!
Im dreading it in a way, which sounds like I rely on alcohol to enjoy myself! It's not that, it's just nice to have a glass of champagne, and I do admit to finding it relaxes me. Especially when I don't know too many people!!
I'll be sticking to mineral water, however, and feeling virtuous tonight (when many people will be making fools of themselves!lol!), and tomorrow morning (when they're nursing their hangovers!!).
On the up side alcohol does relax, and is a pretty sociable indulgence, in small doses. On the down side it's empty calories, full of sugar, and your body uses it rapidly for energy, leaving food to turn to fat. Ooh nice. And it makes some people completely change their personality!
Today's food :
Breakfast: coconut cream, berries and nuts
Aloe Vera gel, hot water and lemon
Lunch : hummus and carrots, picnic of tomato salsa, bean salad in the peak district. Peppermint tea
Dinner: at a wedding reception : Ham and salad!
5 fizzy mineral waters with a piece of lime!!!!
Peppermint tea
Day thirty nine down, three days to go!

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