Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day Twenty One- Mornings

Johns started his new job this week in teaching; he's hugely excited and I'm sure he'll be amazing. He now has a really early start though and the alarm goes off at 6am! Middle of the night for me; I'm not a morning person. But according to my lovely friend Maria, it's the best time of the day! So in order to spend a bit of time with my lovely man before he gets suited and booted and dashes out of the door I'm getting up with him.....and I'm actually really enjoying it. This morning , in peace and quiet I've been 'inventing' in the kitchen. I've made coconut and berry ice cream, chocolate covered nuts, chocolathe and apple cake and seed crunch cookies, and that's all before 8am! And there's no sugar or refined flour in sight! Wow, even I'm impressed.
Today's food:
Breakfast:Hot water with lemon. Organic nitrate free bacon, avacado, tomato and raw spinach. Water with lemon.
Peppermint tea with Mikey B down by the river in the sun.
Snack: Berries and coconut yoghurt.
Lunch: Garlic prawns with mixed salad
Peppermint tea- two pots with my old friend Pauline, whilst we put the world to rights! (she's not old by the way I've just known her a long time!)
Dinner: Poached salmon with stir fried veggies- onion, asparagus, spinach, peppers, chillies, in sesame oil (John cooked - delicious)
Dessert : Half a chocolate cookie- home made , no sugar.
Day twenty one down, half way there!!! 21 days to go! Yeah!

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